Gauging the health of Southern California's bridges

Sanden Totten, Brian Frank & Chris Keller | Published June 21, 2013

California has more than 24,000 bridges. Many are classified as "Structurally Deficient", "Functionally Obsolete" or "Fracture Critical". These ominous-sounding terms are part of the Federal Highway Administration's National Bridge Inspection Standards and help to make up a bridge's Sufficiency Rating. California Department of Transportation officials say these classifications don't accurately reflect the overall health of a bridge; to get a more accurate reading of a bridge's health, Caltrans developed the Bridge Health Index. Use the filters below to learn more about bridges in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura counties that carry the above designations and see how they compare based on Caltrans and FHWA rating systems.

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Year Built: to

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About the Data and Map: This map shows the more than 4,000 bridges in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura counties that are owned and maintained by local agencies -- including cities and counties -- that have been rated by both the California Department of Transportation's Local Highway Bridge Program and the FHWA's National Bridge Inventory as of May 2013. The location of bridges is based on Caltrans data and is approximate. To determine FHWA status of a particular bridge we used a structure identification number to find the same bridge in Caltrans data. Data showing state-owned bridges in Southern California could not immediately be provided, but will be added when available.

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